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We wanted to bring some non celebrity stuff as well. Well, we did include some celebrity stuff we can never avoid it. So many are curious about what Christmas is like in Korea and what are some of the difference between Christmas here compared to Christmas in America. It is also one of the biggest times of the years for bakeries and dessert companies. People buy Christmas cake for their significant other or family. Christians go to church but they do not exchange gifts. Although Korea celebrates Christmas day a little differently, the hype leading up to Christmas is just about the same. You see Christmas decorations starting in November and many businesses decorate Christmas trees and put lights out. This year udontkiss and I spent Christmas in Myeongdong. Myeongdong is a big shopping area in Seoul.


On January 12th, members Yunho and Changmin held a press conference to discuss the various issues surrounding their comeback. I wanted to show everyone an amazing live and worked hard to achieve it, but unfortunately, I caught a cold. It was really exciting and fun. We brought about a lot of changes on the high notes, and switched parts for every different genre.

Lee Changmin (이창민) – Moment (The Heirs OST.) Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng] After School – Love Love Love Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom] Behind Rumors of Heechul – Mithra Jin Dating Nagging / We Fell In Love 2 (Jansori) by IU and Seulong 2AM Lyric (Han/Rom/Eng) and Translate (Plus Photos:D) Song Joong Ki (송중기) – Really (정말) Lyric (OST.

Does dbsk have the most fans? In they were said to have the largest official fan base by the Guinness Book of World Records. However, they might no longer have the most official fan members because of their split into TVXQ and JYJ, plus, all of the new artists that have risen to fame since then. It is highly unlikely DBSK will disband. Their just way too popular and I don’t think Cassiopeia sorry if I got the spelling wrong will stand back just let it happen.

Recently, the group members have issued an apology for suspending their activities in Japan, and said they would focus on their solo activities in the future. Xiah, for his part, is preparing his solo album in Japan, and U-Know will soon appear in the music video from a new artist. Rumors have begun circulating that TVXQ might be disbanded soon. Nonetheless, its Japanese fans continue to support the group members through their official fan club. Even though we won’t see TVXQ perform as one group for the time being, we wish all its members the best of luck with their solo careers!

DBSK has Cassiopeia’s ever growing support and will continue to.

DBSG: Max Changmin

I wanted to show everyone an amazing live and worked hard to achieve it, but unfortunately, I caught a cold. It was really exciting and fun. We brought about a lot of changes on the high notes, and switched parts for every different genre. We tried to investigate different ways to show off our strengths through the choreography, and so we brought in talented dancers. By putting in moves that were dictated by the beat, we tried to have our choreography express the dignity of TVXQ and to send the following message:

Jan 12,  · Homin Responds To JYJ’s Phone Calls, Junsu’s Tweet, etc. BoA and Kang Ta also watched and reviewed our first broadcast.” Now that the boys have passed their teens, the topic of dating was brought up. Changmin answered, “I’m quiet, while Yunho-hyung is a lot more dynamic.

Posted 29 August – Five designers, who expect great things to come from him in the future, presented him with their signature looks. This is what defines a twenty-three year old guy. Being irresponsible as if there is no tomorrow, in deep self-conceit as if the world exists for him so that when you see him, you feel he is pathetic yet his immaturity feels like proof that he is very much alive. At least, that’s what the majority of guys in their early twenties that I’ve seen are like.

But Choikang Changmin, the man who stepped into the studio on a hot Sunday morning, was different from the other twenty-three year old guys I’d seen. Even though the photoshoot began early in the morning during a weekend, his expression was bright. Though he didn’t say much, he would occasionally joke with a sly face, and though he’d run away when given a compliment, he would look the photographer straight in the eye when spoken to.

This youth, whose every move was calm, felt more like a boy who had matured earlier than his peers than a regular twenty-three year old. But the muscles that could be seen through his gray shirt were obviously not those of a boy.

SHINee with DBSK Changmin and Yunho at a Wedding Party

Entertainment talent agent when he was fourteen years old. Known as “Asia’s Stars” and the “Kings of K-Pop”, TVXQ have released fifteen studio albums and performed on record-breaking concert tours; their sixth Japan-wide tour, the Time Tour, was the highest-grossing concert tour ever held by a foreign music act in Japan. They have since sold over 10 million albums there, making them one of Japan’s best-selling foreign artists.

He has two younger sisters, and both of his parents are teachers. When he was fourteen years old, a talent scout from S.

Ibu Changmin adalah penggemarnya boA dan mendukung changmin untuk bernyanyi dan debut se-agensi dengan boA Ayah Changmin pada awalnya kurang mendukung Changmin di dunia entertainment, tapi setelah melihat keberhasilan Changmin debut menjadi anggota DBSK, Ayah Changmin pun menjadi semakin mendukung karir dan mimpi Changmin.

Tweet on Twitter Advertisement: The cherished picture was of her and fellow Kpop royalty, label-mate Yunho of TVXQ, who was dressed smartly in his military fatigues and beret. I get to see you do well, visited a friend in the military for the first time, and experience new things thanks to you. Yunho is good and healthy, everyone! Yunho who is currently doing his mandatory military service, enlisted in July of He will be discharged in April of BoA began her training around , and debuted in Yunho on the other hand was recruited in and debuted in So they likely first encountered one another in , just when BoA was transitioning to focus on her Japanese debut.

Dating On Earth

The Night Watchman Fakta Menarik Changmin resmi masuk sebagai peserta wajib militer pada tanggal 19 November Dan ia menjalani pelatihan selama 4 minggu sebelum resmi bertugas di kamp pelatihan Nonsan, Korea Selatan. Ia resmi menyelesaikan wajib militernya pada tanggal 18 Agustus bersama dengan Siwon Super Junior.

Another new collection from MBC Drama! \O/ This time around, I’ve also included the Behind the Scene and Poster folder in the zip file so I won’t be uploading zips .

Sendo chamados de “Os deuses nascentes do oriente” ou “Os deuses do leste que se elevam”. S, entre outros , eles tiveram a oportunidade de se unirem mais e atender ao que a SM Entertainment determinava para eles: Heart, Mind and Soul e O’-Jung. Five in the Black: Em 3 de abril de , Avex anunciou o hiato das atividades japonesas do TVXQ e que iria se concentrar em ajudar cada membro com suas atividades solo.

No final de , JYJ acumulou mais de Keep Your Head Down ” e “B. TVXQ promoveu a Lacoste no final de A cobertura ao vivo do concerto foi em exibido em 6 de outubro pela Mnet canal de TV. Estamos planejando voltar para a Coreia em breve com uma nova imagem. Catch Me, a partir de 17 de novembro, em Seul, seu primeiro show individual na Coreia , em quase quatro anos.

O duo tornou-se o primeiro artista estrangeiro a atingir o topo do Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 12 vezes. Os concertos esgotados, chamado Time Slip, foi realizado no dia 26 de dezembro e 27 de Rise as God, um dia antes do alistamento de Yunho.

No More Secrets

Many of these artists and musical groups have branched out of South Korea and have become popular in many countries around the world. The popularity of K-pop is often considered a part of the rise of the Korean Wave , the recent surge of popularity of contemporary South Korean culture in Asia. Modern Korean popular music first appeared in the s.

In the s and s, the musical performances organized by U.

Changmin looked at BoA nervously as she fiddled with the ends of her hair. She crossed her legs and started tapping her right foot in the air.

Does dbsk shave their armpits? NO they dont their armpits r hairy as gorillas: Jaejoong actually mentioned in a radio interview that he doesn’t shave because he doesn’t grow hair under his arm. The few hairs he did have all disappeared because he tried shaving them so they could grow back thicker. Yunho, Max, a…nd Micky all obviously don’t shave, or at least not that often. We’ve seen pictures of them with hair, so if you ever see them hairless they more than likely have shaved it off for that time.

As for Junsu, its a mystery for now. There haven’t been any clarification whether he actually shaves his under arms or if he just naturally doesn’t grow hair there. Though if you ask me I would say he suffers the same fate as Jaejoong. I have never seen a picture of him with a hairy armpit. Though as time goes on I’m sure we will eventually learn the truth spoken straight from their mouths about this hairy situation.

who’s dated who in Kpop + MORE ~ WHAT’S UP KPOP

K-pop — K-pop is a music genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. The more modern form of the genre emerged with one of the earliest K-pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys and their experimentation with different styles of music reshaped Koreas music scene. As a result, the integration of foreign musical elements has now become common practice with K-pop artists, K-pop entered the Japanese market at the turn of the 21st century and rapidly grew into a subculture among teenagers and young adults of East and Southeast Asia.

Although K-pop generally refers to South Korean popular music, some consider it to be an all-encompassing genre exhibiting a vast spectrum of musical and visual elements, the French Institut national de laudiovisuel defines K-pop as a fusion of synthesized music, sharp dance routines and fashionable, colorful outfits.

Currently, Hero and Mickey are filming a TV drama in Japan, while Chang-min is filming a TV drama in Korea. Xiah, for his part, is preparing his solo album in Japan, and U-Know will soon appear in.

I got this question a few days ago and was going to just answer it and post it so everybody could see…but i decided it might be better to post it as a text post so that it can be reblogged and seen by any new Cassie out there: Can you teach me everything about dbsk? But before that i want to make a point. There are five members, not 2, not 3, FIVE i know this is obvious for many people but i still want to say it.

No they are better at than that they are the Gods remember that. U-Know YunHo or simply U-Know the leader of the group and holds the position of bass singer, Park YooChun who holds the position of being the mid-low singer stage name: ChoiKang ChangMin or simply Max who holds the position of being the high singer. Now i want to add some background things about some of the members so you all realize them debuting was no walk in the park.

JaeJoong was adopted and has nine sisters, he barely had enough money to support himself while he trained and often sold gum or his blood for a bit of cash to pay for his training and housing.

Yunho yoona seohyun Boa…

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