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If the loss is due to the quality of cable, splitters, and connection points then sure. Otherwise, there is only as much signal as the antenna receives. This control box has about a 5db gain control on it. Dennis Restauro It really depends. If those channels are getting to your antenna, but the noise in the line is preventing them from coming in, then an amp could help. I put one down stairs in my house at a window that is facing kind of South East and was able to get about 28 channels all the major networks.

How I Grounded My Outdoor Antenna

Photo by Worapol Sittiphaet and used here with Creative Commons license. Click the image for the full series. For cord cutters, everything old is new again — at least when it comes to using an antenna to pick up free, over-the-air OTA TV. As a growing number of people become tired of the rising costs of cable TV and all of the other hassles that come with it, many are cutting the cable in favor of streaming TV and OTA TV.

General GPS Antenna Information APPLICATION NOTE. Global Positioning System and Precise Time & Frequency The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a L1 GPS Antenna Down/Up Converter L1 GPS Antenna (roof or window) ft. unaided ft. 0 ft. ft. Log Scale ft. with inline amplifier.

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Antenna Accessories

Hooked this up to where the cable came in, split between 6 TV’s and the signal is fine. For the cost of 1 cable bill this antenna is well worth the investment. Lynda Cook Rating Good product does what it says. Jeffrey Kenney Rating This is an amazing upgrade.

In the example above building A and building B are set up for a directional, point to point network using Yagi antennas In this example both remote sites A and B have directional Wi-Fi connectivity to the base station fitted with an Omni directional antenna.

I have it connected to 5 TVs and they all get a great signal. There is really very little to do to get the antenna ready to use. I attached the 2 U clamps and mounted it to a broom handle, just for a test. I placed it on the West side of my house, toward the direction where most of our TV service originates in the Detroit area, at about the first floor roof level.

It picked up only about 10 channels with the amplifier off. Than with the amplifier on it picked up 36 channels from all directions around us, most with strong signals. Not all of them are viewable, particularly one from London Ontario. Most channels were strong and very clear. I proceeded to finish mounting the antenna, on a J Tube, to a brick wall, above the roof line, about even with the 2nd floor window.

I tried a 3rd channel scan with all the TVs connected and they picked up 44 stations on all the TVs.

SP Combiner/Splitter

Antennas Home-made antennas can greatly improve the performance of AM and FM radios, short-wave receivers, and scanners. If you are a talk-radio fan then experiment with the AM band antennas and you will be able to hear shows from all over the country with surprising clarity. Short-wave receivers are always coping with weak signals and they must have a good antenna to perform adequately. Scanners can pick up local police and two-way radio with the little telescoping antenna provided but with good antennas a scanner becomes an amazing ear on the world nearby.

No pre-amp, filter or other receiver refinement offers anywhere near the level of performance improvement t that a well-designed antenna offers. The results can be quite satisfying, leaving no doubt that the project was well worth the effort.

Mohu Sky HDTV Attic/Outdoor Antenna is a revolutionary rooftop TV antenna that weighs only three pounds, is one inch thick, multi-directional, and can be installed in an attic.

How to receive free high definition tv off the air! It is not all inclusive and you should understand that there are many variables involved in getting free HDTV reception. If you were to take a pole and ask TV viewers across the U. They get their HDTV reception free! There is a huge movement across the U. You ask again, HOW?

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Need help with OTA antennas, and running through a surround system. Cutting ties with cable! No Sports, no pay per view. My local stations are about 50 miles away to Los Angeles. I have a 35′ sound wall about 50′ feet away, for the train, and also wondered if I would need to install this on a higher mask, over this wall height or I would be set-back far enough of an angle, to have an unobstructed line of sight for a strong reception.

Here is a way to see if you can receive digital broadcast TV signals. You can do this even if you don’t have an antenna and don’t want to buy one right now. Note this is just a test, not a permanent set up!

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What is your opinion on built in amplifiers versus stand alone? I have not tried these but they have pretty good reviews. I am buying today: Hubby says we have an HD antenna. I located an old TWC connection which is already cut.

This video shows how to install a Winegard Trav’ler fully automatic satellite antenna on the roof of a typical RV. This antenna is compatible with DirectTVs latest High Definition offerings and is the ultimate in satellite television entertainment for any Recreational Vehicle.

So, you’re tired of squinting at 2 snowy channels while your neighbor is watching the Big Game on his wiz-bang satellite system? Just not sure where to begin to get a satellite for your very own? Boy, are you in luck, because this article is for you! We are going to concentrate on the hardware basics here I’m not going to get into a big discussion of which satellite TV vendors offer the best deals or the best programming or the best price.

The market is so changeable that anything I could tell you right now would probably be horse apples by the time you read this. The technology is advancing at a staggering rate and even the once impossible direct satellite Internet connection is becoming available but expensive!

How to Connect an Over the Air TV Antenna to a Flat Screen TV

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