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Annotated Bibliography of Books on Venezuela Annotated bibliography on Venezuela containing a selection of english and spanish books. Ashgate A political science book about how the president just before Chavez, Rafael Caldera, failed to deal with the country’s crisis and how one of the country’s main left parties, La Causa R tried to address this crisis. Good reference for understanding the dynamics at work that lead to people to vote for Chavez. University of Chicago Press An anthropological and theoretical account of how Venezuelan politics crashed in the pre-Chavez years.

Perhaps one of the main texts on pre-Chavez Venezuela. Ellner, Steve and Daniel Hellinger eds.

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, saw almost daily demonstrations from April to June, some of which turned violent. The opposition accuses President Nicolas Maduro of moving towards a.

Intrigued by the topic and reeled in by the writing, we are keen to share this guest post by Tom Hunt, currently living in South America. Resistance has resulted in victims being shot dead. Though it seems like the friend we attempted to recruit has more advanced Googling skills: Tom Hunt I guess the question that you are asking is why? Why go to live in Caracas? Well, earlier this year I completed to a Tony Robbins training course and he told me to make some goals for different areas of my life, so I did: What sort of a goal is that anyway?

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The European immigrants to Venezuela came primarily from Spain, however in the middle of the 20th century, many German, Italian, North American, and Portuguese people immigrated to Venezuela in search of oil wealth. Literature of Venezuela Venezuelan literature began shortly after the Spanish colonized Venezuela, which explains why it has such as strong Spanish influence.

He also lived in England, as well as Chile, where he completed one of his most famous accomplishments that took 20 years to complete:

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Venezuela History Archeological findings and carbon-dating evidence indicate that human settlements here can be traced back to 13, BC. Venezuela was colonized by Spain in despite resistance from indigenous peoples. It became one of the first Spanish American colonies to declare independence in , but did not securely establish independence until After the defeat of the Spanish by Simon Bolivar and his armies in , it, along with Colombia , Ecuador , and Panama , formed the independent Republic of Gran.

Venezuela emerged from that coalition in to become an independent nation. Since then, and for most of the first half of the 20th century, the country was ruled by generally benevolent military strongmen, who promoted the oil industry and allowed for some social reforms. Democratically elected governments first took place in and Venezuela established its own constitution in

National Pantheon of Venezuela

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People of Venezuela. Before you travel to Venezuela on vacation, you’ll want to learn about the great people of Venezuela. In this article, you’ll learn about the people of Venezuela, their culture, language, religious beliefs, hobbies, and music.

Email Bio Follow June 14, With Venezuela spinning into chaos and collapse, the Obama administration has pondered how to nudge the imploding nation toward political change — without making Uncle Sam a target. The administration appears to have found the right formula this week. Secretary of State John F. Prominent Venezuelans had warned in recent interviews that the nearly bankrupt country was veering toward civil war.

Venezuela is rarely a prominent topic of discussion in Washington. But the oil-rich, chronically mismanaged country illustrates a recurring dilemma in U. How can America encourage local partners to drive political change and regional security, rather than placing the burden on American shoulders and, in the process, encouraging resentment of U.

Opposition protesters in Caracas, Venezuela were met by police as they vented frustration about the economy and demanded a referendum to recall president Nicolas Maduro on May Almagro documented the deteriorating situation: Venezuela, afflicted by pervasive corruption, also has one of the highest murder rates in the world. In the view of U. The catastrophe could worsen if Venezuela defaults on its massive debt this fall, as some analysts expect. The country has survived mainly thanks to emergency loans from China.

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News Columbus Statue Toppled in Venezuela on Day of Indigenous Resistance A group of protesters pulled a statue of Columbus from its pedestal, in protest against the genocide of the continent’s indigenous peoples that they said Columbus represents. By Robin Nieto – Venezuelanalysis. Columbus statue is pulled from its pedestal Credit:

The British School Caracas was founded in We have slowly expanded over the years and are looking for inspirational teachers to join the team. We have students in the Primary Section and students in the Secondary Section.

Brazil Caracas, Venezuela named as the world’s most violent city Twenty-one of the deadliest cities on earth are in Brazil, according to Mexico-based group, while four are in the United States By Robert Tait , Los Angeles 2: The striking statistic in disclosed in a study released by the Mexico City-based Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice and is based on the number of murders per , inhabitants during in cities with a population of more than , None of the Brazilian cities identified appear in the top They do not include Rio de Janeiro, where this summer’s Olympic games will take place.

Brazil has 21 of world’s 50 most violent cities https: Top 50 most violent dangerous cities update Venezuela has a higher level of urban violence than Brazil generally and the worst in the world apart from El Salvador and Honduras, according to Jose Antonio Ortega Sanchez, the Citizen Council’s president Caracas’ soaring murder rate meant it overtook San Pedro Sula in Honduras, which dropped to number two due to a “significant decline” in the murder rate after being the world’s violent city for the four previous consecutive years.

The report blamed Venezuela’s increasingly turbulent political and economic situation for Caracas’s appearance and that of three other Venezuelan cities, Maturin and Valencia, which featured in the top 10 at five and seven respectively, and Ciudad Guayana, which was the 11th most violent. S are all run by Democrats and have been for more than 50 years. Baltimore, the scene of riots last year after a black man, Freddie Gray, died in police custody, was the 19th most violent city.

The other two American cities listed were Detroit at number 28 and New Orleans at

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Los Llanos and its spectacular wildlife. Caracas , the true urban jungle. The Bolivar fuerte had, in turn, replaced the old bolivar in Venezuela’s currency has been in a period of double-digit inflation for the past several years, and has now reached a period of hyperinflation, so keep in mind that any information you see from tour guides or blogs regarding prices quoted in BsS and exchange rates will probably be hopelessly out of date, even if it was published only in the last few months.

For most things, prices quoted in US dollars from old guides are, however, likely to still be approximately the same when converted using the informal exchange rate. Due to strict currency controls in place since , bolivars are not easily convertible by official means neither in or outside the country.

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The real money is in illegal betting as Venezuelans try to boost the value of their rapidly-devaluing bolivars. Gambling rings have been known to kidnap and threaten jockeys in order to fix races. Venezuelan authorities say a gambling ring poisoned one of the country’s most popular race horses ahead of a key derby, nearly killing the animal and shining a light on an underworld where millions of dollars in bets are made under the table.

After the poisoning of Rio Negro, a four-year-old horse, favorite to win the Army Day derby, authorities have arrested nine people in the case. After Rio Negro, a 4-year-old horse, was injected with a near-fatal overdose of cortisone in a brazen attempt to fix the Army Day derby he was favored to win, the horse is now kept in a dark, cold stable that looks more like a prison with iron bars and a proliferation of security cameras to ward off intruders.

Last year, the horse racing industry in Venezuela took in almost 94 million euros in bets, according to the Paris-based International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. Rio Negro was the rising star of Venezuela’s racing season, but now this rail-thin, wart-riddled race horse is fighting for his life. According to Jaime Casas, who runs the Hipicomputo website that tracks race results, illicit betting rings move between 50 and 60 times the legal market for gambling.

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A republic formed out of the provinces which, under Spanish rule, constituted the captaincy general of the same name. Its surface is distributed as follows: It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which it has a coastline of miles; south, by the Republic of Brazil , from which it is separated by the great Parima range; east, by the Atlantic Ocean and British Guiana ; west, by the Republic of Colombia. Without including the rivers that rise in Colombia , there are rivers in Venezuela, the principal being the Orinoco, which rises in the forest regions and by means of the Casiquiare branch unites with the Rio Negro, which, again, flows into the Amazon; it then flows north and afterwards east, and discharges by means of eighty mouths into the Atlantic ocean, after a course of miles.

Die Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg ist die größte wissenschaftliche Bibliothek in der Region.

Now it is in free fall. Known as las colas, the lines form before dawn and last until nightfall, several bodies thick and zigzagging for miles in leafy middle-class neighborhoods and ragged slums alike. In a Caracas police station, more than prisoners crowded into a cell made for 36, standing shirtless there was no room to sit in the stench of sweat and feces. In arid Lara state, an elementary-school teacher told of children fainting in class from hunger.

The bolivar, the currency named for the Liberator himself, is now carried in backpacks instead of wallets; one unit is worth less than a penny. While production plummets, crime soars. Fights frequently break out in food lines. The number of murders last year ranged between 17, and 28, Even animals are dying: Hunger across Venezuela is rising because of shortages. People often wait hours in lines that are miles long for meager supplies.

Venezuela Crime & Safety Report

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Days full with papelillos, disguises, surprises and games. In all the states of the country, children, youths and adults, take place and they enjoy to the they are of the traditional music. Each region has its special way to celebrate the Carnival. In the oriental states they are traditional the calls Paschal Amusements, events carried out between the time of Christmas and Carnival, where theatrical, musical and choreographic manifestations converge.

Merida organizes for the dates carnestolendas the famous Fair of the Sun; in the state Carabobo, the Marses of Carnival vibrate with amusements like: Another of the most popular carnivals in Venezuela, takes place in The Callao, state Bolivar. It knows some of the main parties carnestolendas that take place in Venezuela: The party of the Carnival dates of the times of Greek and Roman who carried out them as pagan parties.

Already for , the wealthy families strolled in their disguised automobiles while they distributed candies and currencies, showing every year more elaborated processions. This up to , when a hurricane desolated the city significantly and it sank it in a strong crisis. There was a turn then to the calls carnivals of water in a more intense way. Fortunately, at the end of the decade of the fifty and I begin of the sixty, they were organized carnival rehearsals with dances and even queens’ elections.

Starting from then, the parties were restarted, first in a modest way and then evolving toward more elaborated entertainment forms that they include coaches, dances, live music, processions, fascinating to native and foreigners equally.

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